10+ years in web3, we understand web3 founders problems


Macro & narrative driven investments in DeFi, gaming, infra & consumer Dapps


A web3 focussed venture studio co-building with brilliant founders


The Rising Ecosystem

At Rising, we are constantly trying to answer one simple questions: How can we support and grow together with brilliant founders?

With over a decade in web3, it is very evident to us that we are still very early. Massive fortunes will be made by building products & sharing our experiences with brilliant founders at the forefront. All they need is network and support.

Rising Ventures

We invest in pre-seed & seed stages of the company with no passive investments. We must add some value to the founders.

Rising Studio

We work on innovative ideas and grow them into successful ventures with the best minds in Web3.

We work selectively with awesome founders to provide support on all things crypto. We welcome a wide range of collaboration opportunities. Reach out to us and lets create a better future.

Build with US

Want to start a company with us?

Join as a co-founder. We will provide a validated concept, an initial team and full stack startup support. Together, we will bring a product to market and spin out a new entity within 90 days.

A Decade in Crypto
Web3 Builders, Operators and Investors
Hyperfocussed on SE Asia and India
In-house support services for founders

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